Ice Dam Management

Ice Dams are one of the biggest problems homeowners deal with in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We understand how ice dams are formed, what underlying factors must be present and most importantly; we know how to help you manage them.

On existing buildings, Cambridge Builders Inc. will work directly with owners and architects to understand how a structure was built, what type of ventilation is present, how much insulation was installed and review the climate to understand what is creating the developing ice dams.

On new construction, we work with architects during the design phase to ensure that these factors are addressed in the roofing system, while maintaining the architectal beauty of the structure.

We offer many different solutions to help you manage your ice dams.  We can design & install cold roof systems or roof snow melt systems on your home or place of work.  Feel free to give us a call and learn more.

Cold Roof Systems

Roof Snow Melt Systems

Since we typically deal with the ice dams in the winter months, it can be hard to make the necessary changes during the winter months.  Therefore, we offer roof snow and ice removal to help you get through the winter months.