Cold Roof Systems

In cold weather regions and particularly in the climates of the Rocky Mountains that receive heavy amounts of snowfall, cold roofs or ventilated roofing systems are recommended.  These types of systems have adequate insulation and the proper amount of ventilation below the roof deck.  The two components that make up a cold roof system are insulation and ventilation.

The goal we try to achieve with this type of roof system is to maintain below freezing temperatures at the roof surface and reduce ice dams at the eaves.  By maintaining a colder roof surface we can eliminate the need for costly roof snow melt systems, improve the building’s ability to retain heat and increase the longevity of the roofing system.  The following factors are considered when designing a cold roof system.

One ventilated insulation product that we are experienced with, is comprised of a bottom layer of polyiso insulation, a middle layer of wood spacers and a top layer of OSB or plywood.  This product can be manufactured in various configurations to accomodate the needs of your building.

Cambridge Builders and Roofing has a very close relationship with CertainTeed, Hunter Panels and Metal-Era, combined our team has the ability to design a functional cold roof, whether it is new construction or retrofitting an existing structure.