Insulation is a major factor in a cold roof system.  There is no such thing as too much, however insulation can get expensive and your building can reach a point where added insulation is not doing much for your investment or the cold roof system.

In most of the homes in Park City and the surrounding mountains, the homes have beautiful vaulted ceilings and batten insulation between rafters.  Unfortunately, when these homes were built, they did not have the technology or the understanding of how insulation contributes to ice dams on the roof.  The information we have today shows us how the wood rafters act as a medium to increase heat loss and decrease the R-value of the insulation.  When a building has less than the minimum code value of insulation, the building typically will show signs of significant heat loss through the roof.

Some signs of heat loss during winter months are “dimples” in the snow above canned lighting, areas of settled, dense snow and the most common ice dams.  If your roof is not properly vented, the heat loss issue will be compounded as the heat you are losing is going right the roof surface.

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