SureStart Plus Warranty

As CertainTeed Credentialed Installer – We have the following Warranties Available on Asphalt Shingle Roofs…

SureStartand SureStartPLUS are 100% coverage…even labor

Only CertainTeed enhances your shingle warranty with the total assurance of  SureStart

CertainTeed offers a full line of shingles with warranty durations ranging from 20 years to limited lifetime for your assurance over the long term. Yet CertainTeed’s exclusive SureStart™ protection offers even more. SureStart provides the best coverage you can get in the vital early years after your new roof has been installed.

Here’s how SureStart is different from any other coverage. In case of manufacturing defects in CertainTeed shingles during the applicable period, SureStart protection covers…

100% of materials

All shingles required to repair or replace the defective product will be provided free. No exceptions.

100% of labor

All labor required to repair defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace the defective shingles will be paid by CertainTeed, based on local fair market value for labor. Costs of flashings and metal work are not included, nor are costs of tear-off and disposal with the exception of Grand Manor™, Centennial Slate™, Carriage House™, Presidential Shake™ TL, Landmark™ TL, Landmark™ TL (Impact Resistant), Presidential Shake™ (Impact Resistant) and Presidential Shake™.

Without prorating the cost

Replacement coverage of material and labor is not prorated or otherwise reduced during the applicable SureStart period.

During the vital early years

The SureStart terms are effective for between 3 and 10 years based on the shingle warranty duration. Most shingles are covered by a 5-year SureStart period. CertainTeed’s luxury products are covered by an exceptional 10-year SureStart period; for lifetime products, that coverage also includes tear-off and disposal costs, if necessary.

And SureStart protection can be transferred!

The CertainTeed warranty with SureStart protection can be transferred from the original consumer to the subsequent property owner during the SureStart PLUS period for the remaining duration of the warranty.

And now… SureStart™ PLUS Extended Warranty Protection for added peace of mind

When you choose an Integrity Roof System™ installed by a contractor who holds advanced credentials from CertainTeed, you have the opportunity to obtain additional levels of SureStart coverage.

SureStart PLUS coverage may be obtained exclusively through your roofing contractor under the following conditions:

1. A specified fee must be paid to CertainTeed.

2. The roof system must meet the standards of CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System™.

3. The roof system must be installed by a contractor who, at the time of the roof installation, holds advanced credentials from CertainTeed.

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